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Welcome to Seattle. The cloud is watching you

Feb 1, 2018

Amazon is the place where you buy stuff and then it magically appears at your front door. Or, more recently, it's the place where you go to buy a sandwich in a store and walk out without having to interact with a cashier.

There's an invisible side of all this: the cloud.

Almost all those weird new companies shaping our cities and our lives could only exist in the cloud.

Amazon, the cloud, may actually be more important to your future than Amazon, the online retailer. But it also raises some uncomfortable questions about personal privacy.

On this episode of Prime(d) we look at how the trails of data you leave lead straight back to the retail giant.

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Our theme song is by Raymond Scott. You also heard "Heartline" by Pezzner, a Seattle artist and The Social Media Stalker Song by The Security Awareness Company.