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This week we're going back to (the Electoral) college

Dec 16, 2016

Washington state's presidential electors meet to pick a president at noon on Monday, and in an effort to derail President-elect Donald Trump, two of them say they won't be casting their votes for Hillary Clinton even though that's who state voters chose.

Also, some of Seattle's big names in tech are meeting with Trump, including Amazon's Jeff Bezos, who once joked about sending the president-elect to space on a rocket.

And Governor Jay Inslee wants a carbon tax to help fund education, a three-term Seattle City Councilmember said he won't run for reelection, and how badly do you need to check Facebook from Mount Rainier?

We'll tackle these stories and more on KUOW's Week in Review.

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Bill Radke, @KUOWRadke, host

Dan Savage, @fakedansavage, host of the Savage Love podcast and editorial director at The Stranger.

Joni Balter, @jbalter, news analyst at KCTS 9 and host of Seattle Channel's Civic Cocktail.

Chris Vance, @chrisvance123, former state representative and Washington Republican Party chairman