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Sounds Of The Day, 9.23.13 - 9.30.13

Sep 27, 2013

Each day on The Record we play the sound of your day. Listeners record 30 seconds of a sound they find interesting, write a short story and send it to The Record.

Monday, September 23

The sound of joy! Listener Mary sent us the sound of her niece Shanti Pearl laughing as Mary played with her.

Tuesday, September 24

That is the sound of a cat licking the wall between purrs. Yes the wall. Listener Meghann said that although the sound is fairly annoying to hear when it is waking you up, after hearing it recorded, she thought it was pretty funny as well.

Friday, September 27

Here is the sound of people descending on a new bin full of products brought onto the floor at a local Goodwill. Can you hear the grabbing, pulling and excitement of new ownership? Listener James sent us that sound and describes the scene as a fevered charge of people threw, pushed and pulled their way to their new treasures.

Producded by Amina al-Sadi.