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Skyrocketing Car Tabs Spur Call For Attorney General Opinion

Mar 3, 2017

Some drivers in the Puget Sound region are experiencing sticker shock over their car tab renewals. That’s because of the formula Sound Transit uses to assess vehicle values as it implements a new tax for light rail expansion.

Friday, a pair of Republican state lawmakers asked Attorney General Bob Ferguson to step in. They want him to weigh in on the constitutionality of the law that allows Sound Transit to use that formula.

“I’m not here to protect government. I’m here to protect the taxpayers, the people that I represent. And that’s exactly why we’ve come forward with this,” Republican state Sen. Dino Rossi of Sammamish said.

Rossi and fellow Senator Steve O’Ban have sent Ferguson a letter asking for an advisory opinion on the matter.

Last fall voters in the Puget Sound region approved Sound Transit 3. The $54 billion package will expand light-rail services and improve rapid bus transit and the Sounder train.

The Washington Senate recently passed a bill that would create an election process for Sound Transit board members. Currently, county executives appoint members.

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