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Season 3 of KUOW's 'Ask A' series

May 13, 2018

One reason we’re seeing such polarization in American society is that we’re not talking to each other. We’re wrapped up in our own cocoons and echo chambers.

In an effort to combat this, KUOW has  launched a series of person-to-person conversation events we call 'Ask A __.'

It’s for people who are curious about groups in society they don’t interact with often or at all.

The concept is simple: Get 8 people from a group that’s in the news and set up conversations with 8 people who want to know more about the group.

Each pair as an eight minute conversation. A bell rings, and 'askers' move over one seat for the next conversation. 

Are you genuinely curious to learn more about about groups you know little about? Are you willing to engage in a civil conversation based on trust to learn more? Or are you a member a group that's been 'othered' by politicians, media or society. Would you like to tell your own story? Fill out the form below to attend the next 'Ask A...' event, or suggest one you would like to participate in.