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Remembering comedian Peggy Platt, a Seattle original

Apr 12, 2018

Over the last few years Speakers Forum has featured broadcasts of the Seattle theatre troupe Sandbox Radio. In that time we came to love the work of actor and comedian Peggy Platt. She wrote and performed skits full of sharp humor and the ironies of life.

Platt died unexpectedly on April 2. Her friends at Sandbox put together a collection of her outstanding moments in various shows.

The skits include: "The Chicks And The Bees", "Mom’s Diner" by Wayne Rawley, "Zombie Elections PSA", "Spinster", "Vermin Notes" by Scot Augustson, "Big Bertha", "Center For Wooden Boats PSA", "Dos Fallopia", "In Like A Lion", "The Slam Poet", and "Will Act For Food."

Thank you to Leslie Law and the staff of Sandbox for sharing those recordings with us. There will be a celebration of the life of Peggy Platt on Monday, April 16 at ACT Theatre.

Please note: This recording contains language of an adult nature.