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Only white women benefit when we highlight the gender wage gap

Jun 26, 2018

There isn't one wage gap all women experience. There are several. Allow us to demonstrate: 

Imagine this jar of 100 Skittles is how much a white cis male coworker — let's call him Gary — is being paid.

That's a lot of Skittles, Gary. 

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On average, a plenty privileged cisgender white lady like BT/SW co-host Jeannie Yandel would have 84 skittles in her jar for the same job. 

And for co-host Eula Scott Bynoe, a black woman, 63 inadequate skittles. 

Oh, we forgot to mention Jeannie is a mom. Jeannie, subtract 18 skittles. Now you have 66 skittles compared to Gary's 100.

Eula is one, too! Take nine skittles out. You have 54. 

But look here: If you’re a Latinx woman without kids you make 54 cents to Gary’s dollar at the start.

And if you’re queer or trans or over the age of 45, go ahead and take away more Skittles… 

Yes, all women experience some gender wage gap, but as our Skittles demonstrate, it’s not the same gap.  

So why do we just talk about one gender wage gap? 

"Because it benefits white women," argues author Ijeoma Oluo in the first episode of our new podcast.  

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