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New Role For Washington Governor? President Trump Foil

Jan 30, 2017

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee seems to have a new part-time job: foil to President Donald Trump. And it’s getting him lots of attention, including mentions on Facebook and in the national media.

Inslee has always been a politician unafraid to seize the bully pulpit and he has a colorful and energetic rhetorical style. But it doesn’t always match his audience.

Now suddenly his rhetoric about President Trump has an impassioned audience for his message and we’re seeing now that in the last week comments Inslee has made have gone viral. So he may be emerging as a national voice when it comes to opposition to President Trump.

Inslee’s picture and his comments on Trump headlined a story last week at the website Politico. And the governor’s speech at SeaTac Airport over the weekend about Trump’s immigration order also made the rounds on social media.

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