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This is the most Republican block in Seattle

Sep 27, 2016

The most Republican block in Seattle is at 116 Fairview Avenue North in South Lake Union.

It’s the site of a large, upscale retirement community called Mirabella. Nothing outside screams Republican – no Trump hats or “Hillary for Prison in 2016.” 

They’re more subtle than that. After all, they’re in Seattle.

In a spacious apartment inside, the Capelotos discuss what this means for them as Republicans.

Bob Capeloto says he’s “rather disappointed” with the Republican presidential candidates this year. Capeloto worked for many years in public relations here in Washington State – mostly for political campaigns. His most memorable was an anti-union initiative (233) that passed back in 1966. 

So why is he disappointed with Donald Trump? 

"I'm offended sometimes by the way he talks to people,” Bob Capeloto says. “I don't like the way he puts people down. But I will say one thing for him: He speaks in American.  He doesn't speak politically. And that's refreshing to a lot of people. That's where we are."

The Capelotos, despite their misgivings, are leaning toward voting for Trump.

Says Dodie Capeloto: "I think Trump is a very smart man. And if he should win I feel confident that he would have very intelligent and knowledgeable people on his staff and in his cabinet.”

But: “I just wish he'd stop putting his foot in his mouth."

And what about Hillary Clinton? 

Seattle Republicans Dodie and Bob Capeloto.
Credit KUOW Photo/David Hyde

Outside the Mirabella, the building on the most Republican block in Seattle. It's in the South Lake Union neighborhood downtown.
Credit KUOW Photo/David Hyde

"I'm not as fond of Hillary,” Dodie Capeloto says.  “I'm not fond of either one, actually."

That's two lukewarm votes for Trump.

But in Washington state races in the primary, the Capelotos  voted for more Democrats than Republicans.

"Why did we vote for them?” Bob Capeloto says. “They were the most qualified. And that's what we need in this state." 

As for living at the Mirabella, the reddest spot in Seattle, Bob Capeloto says: "I'd say most of them would probably be Democrats."

That’s right – it may be the most Republican block, but it’s still two-thirds Democrat. That’s how blue Seattle is.

Across the city, 15 times more Democrats voted in the primary than Republicans.

Marty and Patricia Kushmerick also live at the Mirabella in downtown Seattle and were surprised to learn that their block is the most Republican in the city.
Credit KUOW Photo/David Hyde

We reached out to Democrats at the Mirabella – how did they feel living in this Republican enclave in their bleeding-heart city? 

Marty Kushmerick, a Democrat, expressed surprise that he lives on the most Republican block.

Like most Democrats in Seattle, he's not a fan of Donald Trump: "I think he is just a personal aggrandizer,” Marty Kushmerick says. “I actually don't think he has any real principles except how to make a name for himself and how to make money." 

Patricia Kushmerick agrees: "He cares about nobody on earth except Donald Trump,” she says. “He is erratic and just an unfit person to be president of anything, never mind the United States of America."

When it comes to Hillary Clinton, Marty Kushmerick says: "She has a good head on her shoulders. She certainly has had more experience than almost any other person who has ever run for this office. First lady, senate, secretary of state. I know that she has downsides, but don't we all."

At the Mirabella, the Kushmericks say, residents tend to discuss politics if they agree.

“Then we talk a lot,” Patricia Kushmerick says.

Correction 9/28/2016: A previous version of this story incorrectly referred to registered Republicans and Democrats. Voters in Washington state must declare a political party in the presidential primary, but they do not register. The Secretary of State holds onto that data for six months after the primary, which is what KUOW used for this story.