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Listen to these Native poets read their work

Jan 4, 2018

As we begin another new year in these United States of America, it’s an opportune time to listen in to the creative voices of descendants of the original inhabitants of these lands.

Late last year, Hugo House partnered with Poetry Foundation to host a night of readings by a diverse group of Native poets. The evening was emceed by poet Natalie Diaz, and included readings by Celeste Adame, Laura Da’, Jennifer Foerster, Casandra Lopez, Sara Ortiz and Cedar Sigo.

This Poetry Across the Nations reading took place on December 7 at Fred Wildlife Refuge.

Please note: These recordings contain unedited language of an adult nature.

We’re presenting a selection of readings in our podcast version. Listen to the full readings below.

Natalie Diaz
Poet Natalie Diaz
Credit Courtesy of Brooklyn Poets
Celeste Adame
Poet Celeste Adame
Credit Courtesy of Celeste Adame
Laura Da'
Poet Laura Da'
Credit Courtesy of As Us

Jennifer Foerster
Poet Jennifer Foerster
Credit Courtesy of Jennifer Foerster

Casandra Lopez
Poet Casandra Lopez
Credit Courtesy of Casandra Lopez

Sara Ortiz
Poet Sara Ortiz
Credit Courtesy of Poetry Matters
Cedar Sigo
Poet Cedar Sigo
Credit Courtesy of Poetry Foundation