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Kasich finds some GOP traction in Washington state

Apr 22, 2016

Ohio Governor John Kasich is getting some love from Republican leaders heading into next month's presidential primary here in Washington state.

Over 50 leaders in Washington state business and politics said Friday that they're getting on the Kasich train.

They join Republican stalwarts like former Attorney General Rob McKenna and former Governor Dan Evans.

But how much does that kind of endorsement help?

"Well, not much in fact," said Mark McKinnon, nonpartisan political analyst. "Arguably establishment endorsements may do just the opposite.”

McKinnon said it's a strange year in American politics, with more surprises possible at the Republican National Convention this summer in Cleveland. 

"This convention could be swung by 10 delegates, so if Kasich can grab just a few delegates, that's a big deal," he said.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are seen as the front-runners on the GOP side for the state's presidential primary in May. The Republican Party will use those results to allocate their convention delegates.