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Joy and pain in Washington delegation as Hillary makes history

Jul 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton made history Tuesday night when she became the first woman nominated for president by a major party.

The moment drew mixed emotions from Washington state delegates. Many were ecstatic. Hillary delegate Pam Eakes danced on the floor and yelled, "This is it."

In a gesture of unity, Sen. Bernie Sanders came to the convention floor at the end of the roll call vote and called for Clinton to be nominated by acclamation.

Eakes said it was a thrilling, emotional moment for those who had worked so hard for so long.

"It's so wonderful for the country, but it's really wonderful for the future," she said. "Because young girls right now can look up and they're going to see a president who is a mother, a woman. And they know that they can have those same aspirations as their brothers have had for so many years."

But not all of Washington's delegates shared Eakes' joy. It was a bittersweet moment for Noel Frame, a Sanders delegate. She said, as a woman in politics, it's very exciting. But as a Sanders supporter it's still hard to see the loss.

"I'm still proud of Senator Sanders for pushing such a strong, progressive agenda. I am really encouraging all of our Bernie delegates, particularly young women, to stay engaged," Frame said.

Bernie Sanders delegate Mario Brown protested outside the media area after Hillary Clinton's nomination.

For other Bernie delegates from Washington, it was a moment that pushed them to action. Some joined other delegates to stage a protest in the media area at the convention center.

Police locked the media area down before all of the protesters could get inside. Washington delegate Mario Brown was left to protest outside. He said the protest came about because delegates felt their voices weren't being heard.

"And what happens when a human isn't heard is they get louder and louder and louder. And we feel like we're not heard, so we're getting louder."

Clinton will officially accept the nomination for president on Thursday.