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Inslee calls Trump's comments on Khan family the 'lowest of many of his depredations'

Aug 2, 2016

Washington Governor Jay Inslee joined the growing list of politicians condemning Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s reaction to a speech made by a couple who lost their son during the Iraq War.

At the democratic convention Khizr Khan talked about his son U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan’s military service. He criticized Trump's call for a temporary ban on Muslims from entering the United States.

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Trump responded to the impassioned speech by calling out the Khan family for viciously attacking him. In Seattle on Tuesday Inslee called out Trump.  

“There’ve been a lot of low moments in Donald Trump’s very disappointing campaign. But frankly I think this was the lowest of many of his depredations," Inslee said. "I've spent many years in public life but I’m not sure I've ever seen a time where we rightfully have felt more disgusted by someone in politics."

Flanked by veterans and families who’ve lost loved ones at war, Inslee then called on his gubernatorial opponent to disavow Trump.

“Donald Trump is a danger to Washington state and America. He does not understand the difference between danger and cruelty.  In his actions of cruelty against Gold Star Families demand all of us to stand up against it,“ Inslee said.

The term Gold Star families originated during World War I. During the conflict Americans would fly a flag bearing a blue star for every immediate family member serving in the armed forces.  If one died the star would be changed to gold.