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District May Suspend Teachers Who Won't Give MAP Test

Jan 23, 2013

The Seattle School District announced Wednesday that teachers may be suspended for 10 days without pay if they fail to give students the Measures of Academic Progress test. Following the announcement, teachers rallied outside district headquarters to demand that the district stop using the MAP test.

Teachers at Garfield High School announced a school-wide boycott of the required test two weeks ago, calling it a waste of time, money and resources. They also objected to the test scores being used in the teacher evaluation process. Groups of teachers at several other schools have joined the boycott.

Superintendent José Banda says the district requires the test because it helps teachers and the district monitor student progress throughout the school year. But he said the district will soon form a task force to take a close look at whether the district's testing regimen is effective.

Banda has given the teachers until February 22 to give students the MAP test.