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Caucus Results Haven't Swayed Patty Murray From Backing Clinton

Apr 14, 2016

Oregon U.S. Senator Jeff Merkeley made headlines this week by becoming the first member of the Senate to officially endorse Bernie Sanders for president. It's a coveted prize for supporters of the candidate, who are hoping more public officials decide to "feel the Bern."

Washington Senator Patty Murray won't be one of them.


At Washington's Democratic caucuses, about 70 percent of voters backed Bernie Sanders over rival Hillary Clinton, but none of Washington's 17 superdelegates have endorsed Sanders. (Superdelegates can vote for any candidate at the national convention.)

Senator Patty Murray is a superdelegate, and she says she respects Sanders, her colleague in the Senate, but —

Murray: "Personally, I have worked with Hillary for years and I believe she is going to be an amazing voice for Washington state workers and families and so I support her."

Murray says superdelegates often don't sway the race anyway. She says more often it comes down to having more of the party's regular delegates.

Right now, that's Clinton.

But Sanders supporters note that if superdelegates switched to him, Sanders would have more delegates overall.