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Bernie Sanders Urges Supporters: Turn Out In Force To Saturday's Caucus

Mar 21, 2016

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders scorched a path across Washington state yesterday in his bid to win the Democratic presidential nomination.

And while his stop in Seattle may not have reached Legion of Boom levels, things got plenty loud in Key Arena.

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Bernie Sanders supporters started lining up Sunday morning outside Key Arena for a chance to hear the senator’s stump speech. One group took the time to practice chants.

Group chant: “We are ready to fight, health care is a human right ...”

By the time Sanders took the stage that evening, just over 10,000 people made it past security and into the 17,000-seat stadium.

Another 5,000, unable to make it through screening in time, remained outside to watch the event on a big screen in the rain by the International Fountain.

Bernie Sanders supporter wears a Sanders camouflage shirt to the rally at the Key Arena, March 20, 2016.
Credit KUOW Photo/John O'Brien

Sanders spoke to many constituencies in his talk: students, minorities, environmentalists, the jobless and the middle class. He credited his campaign’s success so far to its commitment to listening to the electorate and its opposition to status quo politics.

Sanders: “And that is how change always takes place. It takes place when people look around them and say the status quo is not acceptable. Racism is not acceptable. Sexism is not acceptable. Homophobia is not acceptable."

While Sanders went after candidate Donald Trump and Republicans in general during his speech, he did not make any mention of his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

Instead, Sanders urged his supporters repeatedly to turn out in force for this week’s Democratic caucuses.

Ed note: Democrats can find information about the location of their precinct caucus at the state party website.