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Bernie Sanders gets mixed reaction touting Clinton in Seattle

Oct 15, 2016

Former presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders made a campaign stop at the Showbox in Seattle Saturday. This time his rally was not for himself, but on behalf of Pramila Jayapal, one of the two Democrats running in the 7th congressional district. Her opponent is Brady Walkinshaw.


Sanders told the crowd that if elected to Congress, Jayapal will stand up to the wealthy to advocate for single-payer healthcare, free college education and raising the federal minimum wage.

Sanders had words of praise for Seattle’s minimum wage hike. He said many people thought raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour wasn’t possible, but Seattle’s actions are how ideas that were unthinkable become mainstream.

Sanders: “Let me thank all of the folks here in Seattle and on the city council for all their effort and all your effort, you have led the country!”

He accused Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump of sexism, misogyny and racism. Sanders said he’ll do everything he can to make sure Trump is not elected president.

Sanders:  “And I’m gonna do my best to see that Hillary Clinton becomes president,” he said. “Number two, I am here to see that we elect Pramila to the United State Congress.”

Sanders’ endorsement of Jayapal got loud applause. But his mention of Hillary Clinton brought some boos from this crowd, many of whom supported him in his presidential bid.

Seattle resident Cooper DeWall said he was among those booing at the mention of Clinton’s name. He said he’ll gladly vote for Jayapal, but he refuses to support Clinton.  

DeWall: “Bernie has been about what he talks about for a long time and has been in that since before it was even cool.”

He says he doubts Clinton’s commitment to gay rights and other issues that are important to him.