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Ballard/Green Lake: ‘Monstrosities In Our Neighborhood’

Jul 9, 2015

For the first time in a century, Seattle voters will choose their City Council members by district.

In District 6, which includes the Green Lake, Ballard and Phinney Ridge neighborhoods, four candidates are running.

We asked the candidates to meet us somewhere in their district that signified why they’re running.

Jon Lisbin chose a Ballard construction site; current Councilmember Mike O’Brien chose the Ballard Food Bank; Stan Shaufler met us at Shilshole Marina; and Catherine Weatbrook invited us onto a paddle boat on Green Lake.

Primary ballots drop on Friday, July 10, and are due by Tuesday, Aug. 4. Two candidates from each district will go on to the general election in November. 

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Jon Lisbin

Credit KUOW Photo/Jason Pagano

Mike O'Brien

Credit KUOW Photo/Amy Radil

Stan Shaufler

Credit KUOW Photo/Jason Pagano

Catherine Weatbrook

Credit KUOW Photo/Jason Pagano