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  • Director of Business Support

    Year Started with KUOW: 2013

    Faust develops new business relationships with national brands that want to speak to the KUOW audience on-air, online and through event sponsorship.

    She has 28 years of experience crafting multi...

  • Operations Director

    Year started with KUOW: 1997

    Dane Johnson oversees the day-to-day operations of the technical and facility needs of KUOW and its media products. He also helped co-design KUOW’s current studios and office space.

    Dane has over...

  • Reporter and Interviewer

    Year started with KUOW: 2004

    Before landing in the Emerald City, David Hyde tried out several others, including New York, Tokyo and Portland, Oregon. As a student at Reed College in Portland, David discovered two loves: His love for the...

  • Contributing reporter, editor, and host

    Year started with KUOW: 2005

    Deborah is a contributing reporter, editor and host at KUOW. She is an award–winning radio and television journalist whose career spans more than three decades. As the recipient of a 2018-2019 Rosalynn Carter...

  • Assignment Editor

    Year started with KUOW: 1998.

    As KUOW's Assignment Editor, Derek coordinates the news team's daily coverage.

    Previously, Derek has been the station's interim news director, the local host for Morning Edition and All Things...

  • IT Operations

    Year started with KUOW: 2004

  • Broadcast Tech

    Year started with KUOW: 2016

  • Database Coordinator

    Year started with KUOW: 2017

  • Year started with KUOW: 2017

    Eilís O'Neill is the EarthFix reporter at KUOW. Eilís (eye-LEASH) fell in love with radio as a 14-year-old high school intern at KUOW. Since then, she’s wandered the world recording people’s stories and...

  • Producer

    Year started with KUOW: 2001

    Former Washington State Poet Laureate Elizabeth Austen has been interviewing poets and producing poetry segments for KUOW since 2001. She began as an...

  • Director of Research and IT

    Year started with KUOW: 2003

    As Director of Research, Hovance has overall responsibility for the coverage of operational and analytic databases, data integration, data quality and business intelligence. Her primary area of focus is on...

  • Manager of Administrative Services, Executive Assistant to the President & General Manager

    Year started with KUOW: 2016

  • Editor

    Year started with KUOW: 2015

    Gil edits feature pieces and helps guide staff reporters through their stories.

    He previously served as interim digital director and online managing editor at KUOW. Before that he spent seven years...

  • Announcer

    Year started with KUOW: 1984-1995, 2007-2008, 2012

    Gregg provides continuity and information during KUOW’s popular weekend morning programming.

    He began his radio career at KCCK in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, then moved to Seattle in 1984...

  • Senior Announcer

    Year started with KUOW: 1992

    Guy has held many positions at KUOW, including news director, reporter, editor and host of several programs.

    He has degrees from the University of Wisconsin and  Evergreen State College.


  • Development Services Officer, Evergreen Program

    Year started with KUOW: 2017

  • Associate Major Gifts Officer

    Year started with KUOW: 2016

  • Online Managing Editor

    Year started with KUOW: 2013

    Isolde Raftery became the online editor at KUOW in October 2013. Previously, she worked for and the Columbian and Skagit Valley Herald newspapers here in Washington state. She has

  • Database Coordinator

    Year started with KUOW: 2016

  • Director of Finance & Administration

    Year started with KUOW: 2012

    McKenna manages all financial functions within the station, including all internal and external financial reporting.  She came to KUOW in 2012 with over 20 years of experience in both commercial and public...

  • Senior Producer, The Record

    Year started with KUOW: 2012

    Jason Pagano heads up the team that produces KUOW's The Record and Week in Review. He's also produced KUOW's elections coverage, including profiles of all 47 people running in Seattle's 2015 city council...

  • Producer

    Year started with KUOW: 2001

    Jeannie Yandel has always been a sucker for a good story.  And she had an epiphany one morning listening to Morning Edition – the consistently best stories out there were coming from NPR.  So in 2001...

  • Director, Digital Media

    Year started with KUOW: 2006

    Jenna is responsible for the development and deployment of KUOW products on the web, mobile, voice-activated and other digital platforms.

    Jenna is a Seattle native and probably the youngest person to...

  • Chief Content Officer

    Jennifer is KUOW’s Chief Content Officer and supervises all content creation and community engagement teams at the station.  She is a 25-year veteran of the media industry with experience in television and radio news, long-form documentary and...

  • Senior Producer, RadioActive

    Year started with KUOW: 2004

    Jenny Asarnow co-manages RadioActive, KUOW's youth radio program. She's reported for national programs including NPR’s Snap Judgment and PRI’s The World....

  • Assistant Director of Finance

    Year started with KUOW: 2017

  • News Director

    Year started with KUOW: 2017

    Jill Jackson is an Emmy award-winning journalist who runs KUOW’s news coverage. Jackson started her news career as an intern at KUOW in 2003 before heading to Washington, D.C., to report on politics and the U...

  • Senior Editor

    Year started with KUOW: 2008

    As Senior Editor Jim edits feature pieces and helps guide staff reporters through their stories. Jim has helped to oversee and develop the investigative reporting efforts of KUOW with the mission to provide...

  • Producer, Speakers Forum

    Year started with KUOW: 2006

    John O’Brien produces Speakers Forum at KUOW. He learned to love radio as a child waking up one summer morning to the harmonies of Simon and Garfunkel.

    As a teenager, he would drive the back...

  • Reporter

    Year started with KUOW: 2009

    KUOW environment reporter John Ryan welcomes story ideas and feedback from listeners. Email him at or call him at 206-543-0637. For secure, confidential communication, he's at 1-401-405-1206 on...